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Yzone is a church youth group for people of secondary school age. We meet every Friday evening in the Reading Room on Chalfont St Giles High Street from 7-8.30 to study the Bible, eat biscuits, play games and try our best to stay on topic (with varying success, it must be said!) In the past we’ve studied Parables, Acts, Ruth and Micah as well as looking at topics of philosophy & faith, and the relevance of Christianity to current, real-world issues.

This term (probably spilling over into next term too) we are taking a look at the book of Daniel with the theme ‘staying strong in a hostile world’, hoping to have a visit from The Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and revisiting the basics of our faith with a brief look at the creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the beatitudes and the Ten a social evening or two of course.

We’re always happy to have visitors, so if you’re 12 -18 and would be interested in Christian fellowship, thought-provoking discussion (sometimes!) and a lot of laughs, you’re very welcome to come and try.

We’re very friendly, I promise.

Click here to contact Rev Jenny Tebboth

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We love our bonkers YZoners.  

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