The church is a most wonderful setting for your marriage. The most beautiful and ancient building in the village – what could be better!
Christian marriage is celebrated before a church minister, within the church building and according to the prescribed pattern of words agreed between the church and the state. it is a legal ceremony and so certain legalities need to be observed. It is a most joyful occasion and so there will be plenty of moments for joy to spring forth during the ceremony too!
Look on the Church of England website for the legal necessities including the Qualifying Connections which you must prove before you can be married here. Contact the Rector to begin this process.
We prepare each couple to be married here in church and use materials, exercises and insights from a number of sources to create a popular Marriage Preparation Day. On this preparation day we will help you prepare for your wedding day and also share some useful resources to enable you to remain married through the years to come!

The office is closed for the duration. The usual inbox and answerphone will be checked once a week.

We are a Fair Trade church