• As a family - embark on a family prayer adventure using the family Prayer Map - available in church

  • As an individual - Download ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer app with daily reflections.

  • Pray for God’s Spirit to work in the lives of five people you know each day between Ascension and Pentecost. 

  • As part of the church - Join regular church prayer times Tues. 9am, Wed. Communion, Thurs. 9am and Fri. 9am

  • Drop into church on Thursday 6th June at any time between 8.30am and 6pm to go round the ‘walk of blessing’ or just be in the presence of God.  

  • There will be short spoken times of led prayer at:  9am, 12md, 3pm and 6pm

For more information ideas and resources visit www.thykingdomcome.global

        Office hours 9:30-12 noon

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

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Sundays 2020

  • 26 January

  • 23 February

  • 22 March