1 June 2020 - Margaret and Bill Dykes write

Herewith the update on the Food Bank Appeal, now in its 10th week, this week we have delivered £ 540.00 worth of goods on your behalf to the Chiltern Food Bank, bringing your total donations to date to £ 6,750.00. I have run out of superlatives to describe your generous support and so can only say thank you.

We have delivered basic essentials as in previous weeks and as always included some treats for the kids as we think that is important.


As the country begins to take small steps toward releasing the lockdown we all wonder how this will impact on the demand for the food bank’s services. You may remember that demand had risen by 300% since the beginning of March, as the economic implications of the shutdown begin to filter through that demand is predicted to increase. Sadly the likelihood is that job losses particularly amongst the lower paid will rise significantly and it is our view, a view shared by the food bank that demand will continue to get larger. At the same time collecting food donations remains problematic with many of the traditional collection points closed and some shortages continuing.


The approach we have been able to take, made possible by your ongoing generosity and our links to Traidcraft has enabled us to deliver essential foodstuffs on a regular basis via the food bank to those in the greatest need.


We know the food bank continues to need our support, they have come to rely on the weekly deliveries that your generosity has made possible. We continue to have, due entirely to your generosity, funds to maintain supply at about this week’s level for the next two weeks and we hope with your help to continue beyond that point. Whilst we continue to appeal to your generosity it would be terrific if we could expand the pool of supporters. So please if you know anyone who may be willing to help those less fortunate than ourselves please pass this appeal on if you haven’t already done so.

If you are aware of any families or individuals who need help from the food bank a call to the dedicated number 01494 785660 is all they need to do to arrange a delivery.

I attach a current stock sheet and we would be happy to deliver to your door if you would like any goods for yourselves, please let us know and be reassured it is no trouble.

Once again many thanks for your generosity.

Should you feel able to contribute or wish to purchase for you own use please

e-mail us at williamdykes@btinternet.com ,

telephone us on 01494874511

text to 07968421416.


Because of the difficulty in making payments in person we would prefer that people use one of the following methods of contribution/payment.


By bank transfer - we will send you our bank details upon receipt of your order.


By cheque made payable to Traidcraft Plc and sent to

Margaret and Bill Dykes

4, Roughwood Fields

Roughwood Lane

Chalfont St Giles


The office is closed for the duration. The usual inbox and answerphone will be checked once a week.

We are a Fair Trade church