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Should you feel able to contribute or wish to purchase for you own use please

e-mail us at 

telephone us on 01494874511

text to 07968421416.


By bank transfer - we will send you our bank details on receipt of your order.

By cheque made payable to Traidcraft Plc and sent to

Margaret and Bill Dykes

4, Roughwood Fields

Roughwood Lane

Chalfont St Giles


November 2022


CHRISTMAS CARDS   Once again the Christmas card offering from Traidcraft support Christian Aid, SCIAF, CAFOD as well as Traidcraft.  Please ask for a catalogue, or go on line ( or visit one of the stalls detailed below.  I also have a set of all the cards so if you need a single one for whatever reason do let me know and I can supply.

ADVENT CALENDARS The Divine Calendars cost £5.20 and both dark and milk are available. The Meaningful Milk Chocolate Calendars cost £4.50 each and we are once again inviting you to sponsor a Calendar for the food bank, the deadline is November 20th.  The Meaningful Calendars will not be available in Supermarkets this year.

CHRISTMAS FOOD AND GIFTS I have in stock some wonderful boxes of fair trade chocolates.  Choose from Mint collection mixed dark and milk chocolate or Dark Chocolate Cherry infused fondant centres or Dark Chocolate with sea salt and caramel infused fondant centres.   All 3 are yummy and make great gifts.  I have tubes of delicious biscuits coated with Traidcraft dark chocolate and choose from chocolate chip and orange, cranberry or ginger.  Don’t forget the chocolate coins, packets of dark or milk and single giant coins.  Divine tasting sets are back and the individual bars make great little prizes for those Christmas games and quizzes. If you need wrap, I have that too. I have the delicious Fairtrade Caramelised Almonds from Zaytoun, these speciality Om al-Fahem Fairtrade almonds from Palestinian growers, have been slowly roasted with Fairtrade sugar until they are perfectly caramelised to create a delectable treat. 

Dates for Your Diary

November 13th Traidcraft will be in St Michaels Church In Amersham after the morning service.

November 27th  Traidcraft will be in Church in Chalfont St Giles after the 10am service

December 7th Fairtrade coffee morning in the Church Hall in Chalfont St Peter. A great place to share tea or coffee with friends whilst browsing the stall. The full range of Christmas cards will displayed and orders taken


Or contact me to arrange collection/delivery on 01 494 874511   


  • Identify Refugee Artisans

  • Utilize skills and traditions

  • Partner with local social enterprises

  • Provide tech expertise and strategic partners

Powered by the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, Made51 aims to protect and support refugees by managing a world wide market for their skills  Read the full text of Margaret's newsletter.

Margaret Dykes

01494 874511

Looking back at my last update written several weeks ago I note that in the 3rd paragraph I said!


“We must hope that with the appointment of a new Prime Minister on Monday/Tuesday that some further steps will be taken to help those who need it most.”


A good example, if I needed one, to be careful what you wish for! Just when it seemed that things couldn’t get more difficult they proceeded to do so. Whilst the announcement of the steps to be taken to cap the unit prices of Gas and Electricity were welcome we should remember that these prices are still significantly higher than in the past and will hit those with the least ability to pay them the hardest. The subsequent melt down in the financial markets following the mini budget, had very negative impacts on interest rates, inflation etc etc. The downstream impact on the demand at food banks will be significant as will the likely reduction of donations caused by the “belt tightening” which will inevitably happen to many current donors as their circumstances become more difficult. So I hesitate to say that with the appointment of our next new Prime Minister last Tuesday things may get better, I truly hope that they do!


On a brighter note the Harvest gift collections that our local church together with many other churches in the Chiltern Food Bank catchment has been significant and gone a long way to rebuilding their food stocks which had shrunk over the last months. We continue to support the food bank by fulfilling as far as we are able their specific requests and our collective contributions to date stand at £ 56,500.00 thanks to your unbelievable generosity.


We are again encouraging our supporters to sponsor 1 or more Meaningful Advent Calendars, last year we supplied 150 and aim to repeat that if we possibly can.


The situation for the Chiltern Food bank remains challenging, they are so grateful for all the help we provide but are aware of the growing demands they know they will face later in this coming winter. I remain confident that with your help we will continue to give them all the support we can.


Your continuing support is both humbling and outstanding and really appreciated by those people who are receiving support via the Chiltern Food bank. Throughout all of these challenges your generous support has been fundamental in enabling those in most need to be given a helping hand and again demonstrating the value of our service allowing the Chiltern Food Bank to provide a balanced range of goods in support of their clients. Thank you so much.


We feel that we want to continue to do what we can and remain eternally grateful for your support without which this work could not continue.


Thank you and stay well.


Margaret & Bill Dykes

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