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Should you feel able to contribute or wish to purchase for you own use please

e-mail us at 

telephone us on 01494874511

text to 07968421416.


By bank transfer - we will send you our bank details on receipt of your order.

By cheque made payable to Traidcraft Plc and sent to

Margaret and Bill Dykes

4, Roughwood Fields

Roughwood Lane

Chalfont St Giles


The situation on the Food bank front has become even more challenging, for, while they are experiencing a decline in our ability to provide support, the demand in the area covered from Chesham is rising significantly. I have copied below excerpts from the last
two e-mails I have had from my contact there which highlight the difficulties now being faced.

Hi Bill

Thank you so much for your delivery this morning it has filled a lot of empty shelves.

If you can possibly manage, we would like………



Hi Bill

We have been very very busy and as soon as stock come in it goes out.

I noticed all the sugar and biscuits many thanks .

We are basically short on everything except Pasta .

We are out of toilet rolls so we would appreciate those please …..

With recent economic forecasts indicating that inflation will hit 11% in the near future, I can’t see things improving anytime soon!


Our Government has taken the steps that it feels it can and there will be some limited help coming over the next few months. While it would be inappropriate for us to pass comment, we do feel personally that the help that we will receive in enhanced Winter Fuel payments, because we are pensioners, and energy grants along with the rest of the customers of energy companies, are not well directed in our case. The government has suggested that those who are in our situation can always donate these payments to “needy causes” and that is what we intend to do. Should you be in a similar situation the Food Bank in my view could qualify as one of those “needy causes”. If you feel it appropriate this might be an idea you could share with those people you know who are like minded.


Your continuing support is humbling and amazing and really appreciated by those people who are receiving support via the Food bank. Throughout all of these challenges your generous support has been fundamental in enabling those in most need to be given a helping hand and again demonstrating the value of our service allowing the food bank to provide a balanced range of goods in support of their clients. Thank you so much.

We feel that we must continue to do what we can and remain eternally grateful for your support without which this work could not continue.


Thank you and stay well.


Margaret & Bill Dykes

August 2022

With the cost of living rising we are all conscious of rising prices and the need to make things go further. But it is not just in the UK - throughout the developing world life is even tougher for many people, so please let’s continue to help them by supporting Traidcraft.  Below is a recipe for a tasty dish that will bring all the buzz of a bistro to your table

Fair Trade Pepper-Topped Bruschetta

You will need:

  • Half a red and yellow pepper chopped (about 200g)

  • 4 cloves of garlic, sliced

  • 1 teaspoon mixed herbs

  • 1-2 teaspoons Meru Herbs Hot Chilli Pesto/Tomato and Basil or Tomato and Chilli sauce 

  • 200ml Zaytoun olive oil

  • Grated zest of half a lemon

  • Toasted crusty bread

  1. Put all the ingredients, except the bread, in a pan, making sure there is an even coating of olive oil

  2. Cook over a medium heat until it sizzles, then on a low heat for a further 20 minutes

  3. Leave to cool completely if not serving immediately

  4. Serve warm on slices of toasted crusty bread

The chilli pesto is hot so the Tomato and Basil is a less spicy alternative and you can add more or less to suit your personal taste.  The topping will keep in a sealed jar for a week and is also excellent as a pizza topping.  Other vegetables can be added, say grilled courgettes or mushrooms.  Enjoy!

Dates for Your Diary

August 14th Traidcraft will be in St Michaels Church In Amersham after the morning service.

August 21st Traidcraft will be in Church in Chalfont St Giles after the 10am service

September 7th Fairtrade coffee morning in the Church Hall in Chalfont St Peter. A great place to share tea or coffee with friends (the homemade cakes are delicious) whilst browsing the stall.

Or contact me to arrange collection/delivery on

01 494 874511


  • Identify Refugee Artisans

  • Utilize skills and traditions

  • Partner with local social enterprises

  • Provide tech expertise and strategic partners

Powered by the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, Made51 aims to protect and support refugees by managing a world wide market for their skills  Read the full text of Margaret's newsletter.

Margaret Dykes

01494 874511