2020 Stewardship Campaign

A month ago, on 23rd February, we launched our 2020 Stewardship Campaign, in the anticipation that the month ahead would provide plenty of time for everyone to reflect on their commitment to support Chalfont St Giles Parish Church with their ‘Time Talent and Treasure’.


But…. Since then, world events have moved dramatically, and in most cases, very uncomfortably, to the point where many are now, of necessity, much more concerned about safeguarding their health and financial resources in the short term, than being able to think about revising longer term support commitments. In such circumstances, it is most inappropriate for us to remain with our original, quite arbitrary date for the completion of our Stewardship Campaign.


We are so grateful for those who have so far been able to consider the future  - the results of which are listed below – but for others of you not yet in that position, the Campaign is ‘on hold’ – like so many other things and activities – until further notice.


Summary (all figures are per annum)

So far, there have been 39 responses, as a result of which, we have received, or been promised :-

  • Increased donations from new and increased standing orders                     £3,516

  • ‘One off’ donations                                                                                                 £3,680

  • Total before Gift Aid refund                                                                                 £7,196

  • Gift Aid on the above                                                                                            £1,799

  • Total including Gift Aid                                                                                         £8,995


In addition,

  • One legacy donation was promised

  • One Standing order was cancelled, but with the promise of continued support via weekly offerings

  • 5 respondents felt they could not change their levels of support.


We do hope you will, in this interim, continue to consider carefully and prayerfully your response.