The below videos can be watched in your own time and will play from this page.  Films are a great way for people of all levels of understanding and depth of faith to share and enjoy in the Good News, explore the stories of scripture and learn more about Jesus.

A word first to explain that these videos are ‘streamed’ from YouTube, which means though you can see it here, it’s pulling the pictures and sound from YouTube.  Therefore any introductions, embedded adverts or requests to click to subscribe are coming from YouTube and if you click on them it may open a new window or tab on your computer.  If you only click play or pause you should remain on this page . 
Please contact the webmaster if you have additional video sharing suggestions.
The Lord’s Prayer
The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Luke
The Gospel of John
The Book of Acts of the Apostles
The life of St Paul
The Ten Commandments (2006)
The Pilgrim Course Videos
The Pilgrim Course – Audio Files
Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (Chuck Missler)
Oxford University Debate – ‘The Nature of Human Beings and the Question of their Ultimate Origin’
Held 23rd February 2012 pitting Dr Rowan Williams against Prof Richard Dawkins, with Anthony Kenny


Lambeth Lectures: Archbishop Justin Welby on evangelism and witness
The Archbishop of Canterbury sets out his vision for a Church where every Christian shares "the revolutionary love" of Jesus Christ. 

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