Our headline statement is;

Loving God, Living Christ, Loving people
Explored in our mission statement:
We seek to be a Christian family formed by God’s love and grace through prayer, openness and commitment to each other, sharing these gifts with the wider community
It took us some time to come up with these words and it will take up all of our time  trying to fulfil them! These are our aspirations and goals and like any targets in life, they are double-edged, serving both to drive us forward and also to act as a bench mark to assess our progress and to measure our aspirations.
Some describe the church as ‘a holy club’. Well, we seek to be a most unusual group of people, as a former Archbishop put it:
‘The church is the only club which exists for the benefit of its non-members’!
We do not always live up to this aspiration by any means but we seek to make this our goal.
There has been a Christian presence in this village for over 800 years. Times change and so do its people. We are an open community; an extended family and we hope that our arms are wide enough to encompass the whole community in this parish. So come to meet us, at any service of worship or at a social event or other activity which catches your eye. We are a growing number of people and our church is enhanced and is changed by all of its members and non-members alike.
You are welcome!

Our Vision and Purpose

The usual inbox and answerphone will be checked once a week. In the mean time, the working-from-home email address is saintgileschurch@gmail.com, or in an emergency contact the clergy.

We are a Fair Trade church

We care for our environment