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Do you know a young person in university and are you worried about their food supplies? Let me know and I can arrange to have a ‘hamper’ of fair trade very day essentials sent to them directly from Traidcraft. Just let me know the address to have it delivered to and how much you would like to spend, free delivery over £50.

Milk chocolate coated raisins are back and I also have dark chocolate coated ginger. Sorry you have had to wait so long. The packets cost £2.50 each

I have a good supply of the autumn catalogues so please let me know if you would one. They are packed full of great fair trade gift ideas, the Christmas card and food range as well as usual range of food items and information on where the products originate from and the benefits the growers and crafts people have by following fair trade principles. There are tips on what to recycle, information on the various labels, climate change and even a great recipe. It is a good read.

In this age of concern for the environment we are being encouraged to consume less and consume well so please consider giving Traidcraft gifts this Christmas season. If you don’t want a hard copy of the catalogue please visit Traidcraft’s website at www.traidcraft.co.uk/shop . Sadly I will not be having a home event this
year and there will be no stalls but if you would like to see the range I will be pre-booking timed slots when we
will ensure a Covid-safe environment. Bring a friend, but not seven! I could also bring the range to you. Let me know which is best for you, phone or e-mail to book a slot. Together we can make this work and continue to support those less fortunate than ourselves


Once again I have the Meaningful Advent Calendars which include the Christmas story book. Do let me know if you would like some. They cost £4.00 each. Also as part of our continued support of the local food bank we hope to donate one to every child in a household currently receiving help from the food bank so that this year they know the Christian Christmas story. Our target is 150 calendars and we welcome any support you can give


Help reduce single use plastic
Don’t forget I offer refills of Washing Up liquid, Laundry Liquid, Hand Wash, Multi Surface Cleaner, Toilet
Cleaner and Fabric Conditioner too, I’m happy to refill any of your containers.


Do call if you need some goods. I am happy to deliver.

“A poor man’s field may produce an abundant harvest but injustice sweeps it away.” Proverbs 13 v23

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It’s been a wonderful growing season so if you are feeling tired of staking, weeding and harvesting don’t despair it will soon all end and we can all have a good rest before we gear up again in March. Before you put your feet up and start looking at the seed catalogues and dreaming of next summer some jobs to do in October are:

  • Keep dead heading the annuals, dahlias and roses and others to keep the flowers coming well into autumn.  Do keep watering to keep them flowering if the rain stops.  I hope your dahlias have been blooming profusely this year.

  • Bring tender plants under protection and reduce watering. Check the plants regularly for disease and cut off any dead leaves and flowers before they have a chance to rot.

  • Lift and divide congested herbaceous perennials.

  • Remove the saucers from beneath outside pots to prevent the plants from drowning.

  • Keep harvesting especially courgettes that can seem to turn into giants overnight. Also harvest apples, beetroots and raspberries etc.

  • In October sow a couple of trays of pea shoots for use in winter salads. They grow quickly and are very tasty. I will also sow a tray of oriental mustards, as the leaves make a tasty addition to winter salads.

  • Reduce the height of buddleias by about a third to reduce the possibility of wind damage during the winter. I try to leave a few seeds heads on for the birds.

  • The winter lettuces sown in modules last month can now be planted out into open ground.

  • Take time to enjoy the autumn colours.

Rose Hebe Stamen


Do you have a glut of tomatoes or too many beans?  Are your courgettes in danger of turning into giant marrows?  Please don’t let them rot in vegetable patches or go to waste on the compost heap.  Restore Hope Latimer are providing cooked meals to the fuel and food poor in the area and will be delighted with your excess.  They are open for these on Mondays and Tuesday between 10am and 5pm or I am happy to take them along. Just give me a call to arrange to drop them in or I will collect.

Restore Hope Latimer also run Food-life courses which incorporate fun, cooking, gardening, budgeting and health and wellbeing using foods that have been grown in their Community and Market Gardens on their on-site facilities in Latimer.  These courses in turn help them to continue to support families in need by growing vegetables that can be used in the Food-life boxes.  For more information visit:


As ever, we are celebrating Sea Sunday in October.  Some of you will be aware that mention was made of Sea Sunday on 12th July (the official day) when we "returned" to church, however, we have usually celebrated in October, as many of you support the work of Mission to Seafarers by buying their Christmas cards.

Seafarers have been delivering both food and medicines to the UK throughout the year - their work never stops.  We owe them a great deal.

I am pleased to say that I plan to have cards available for sale on the 18th at all services.  If you are unable or unwilling to get to church and would like to buy some cards, please let me know as soon as possible and I will bring you a brochure to your home. You may then make your own choice which I
will buy in bulk with others and deliver carefully to you, again at home.

Please support those who support us.

The usual inbox and answerphone will be checked once a week. In the mean time, the working-from-home email address is saintgileschurch@gmail.com, or in an emergency contact the clergy.

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