COVID-19 has affected nearly everything in our lives in one way or another; and that includes the magazine!

Copy for the magazine has diminished substantially over the six months, mostly because of the pandemic, with function after function being cancelled or postponed indefinitely.


Back in December the decision was taken to publish the magazine online, on a quarterly schedule, with just a few paper copies for those without access to computers. In addition to this Alastair Stevenson’s tenure as editor ended after five years in the role.

Given the above, the communications committee decided that it was time to assess what the future for the magazine should be. Do we need one, what’s its purpose, what format should it take, should it become an online only publication, should it be a free publication, and how will we be able to communicate with those without access to a computer. These are just a few of the issues needing to be addressed.


The first step was to find a new editor, and that step has been completed with Kevin Searle taking up the post; an extremely hard act to follow on from Alastair’s tenure.


The next step will be to publish the next edition of the magazine on-line in March. It will largely follow the current format but will contain proposals on how the magazine will/may change in the future. A paper copy of the magazine will be made available and distributed to those known not to have computer/internet.


Part of the considerations on the magazine content will take into account that much of the information reported in the magazine in the past has been reported and updated on a weekly basis in the weekly pew sheet issues. On the other hand, those without a computer or internet will receive nothing. A rethink is needed here!


The magazine, paper based or online, circulates nearly entirely within the immediate church family. Maybe that also should be changed!


This was supposed to be a brief “press release” but on reflection more background seemed appropriate.


If you have news to share in the magazine or wish to comment on this update please email, to the same address as before, The deadline for articles for the March magazine will be Friday 26th February.

 Our warm thanks to Kevin Searle who has stepped forward to lead the parish magazine into this new phase in its journey.

If you would like an electronic copy of the May, June, July/August, September or December magazine, please email

and you will be sent the PDF file.