How We Help

Churches are kept functioning by their congregations, and we are no different.  There are so many ways to get involved, and all of them are good ways to meet fellow congregants, and to become part of the church family.

From Church Watching during the summer months, to reading the occasional lesson for a service, supporting our children's activities, or writing an article for the quarterly magazine, there are plenty of ways to join in.

Because we are no longer able to make physical gestures, we have compiled a list of all church contacts and divided up the whole into smaller groups, each with one person responsible for making and keeping contact insofar as each person requires it. If you are aware of anyone in particular need then do make them known to the co-ordinator, or members of the Pastoral Care Team. 

Contact Margaret Carey, Pastoral Care Coordinator on 01494 762341

And financial support is always welcome!

We are lucky to have a Traidcraft representative in the village, who, under normal circumstances, pitches her stall once a month in church after the 10am service, but is currently managing our contributions to the local food banks, and still supplies local households ordering food, cleaning materials, clothes and gifts.

We are adopting the ideals of A Rocha, a Christian conservation charity, aiming to make our church's environmental impact as small as we can.

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