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Home Groups 

‘Home group’, ‘study group’, ‘life group’ - whatever you call them, most churches have a network of smaller groups meeting mid-week whose aim is to help each member deepen their relationship with God and with each other, and grow in understanding of the bible in a way that is not possible in the main Sunday service.

The ‘home group’ forms a unit of pastoral care – rather like an extended family in which members know care for and encourage each other within the larger body of the church and within the larger love of God.

For more details contact Jenny Tebboth


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Current Home Groups

  • Thursday morning weekly (for women) - contact Mary Bentall (01494 872536) or Frederique (07753 460115)

  • Tuesday evening weekly  — contact Paul Henderson (07753 438937)

  • Friday evening weekly in term time YZone youth group - contact

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