Holy Habits 10: Making More Disciples

‘A more Christlike church for the sake of the world’

Reflecting on the characteristics of the early church from Acts 2:42-47

Since January we have worked through the Holy Habits of bible reading,
fellowship, the breaking of bread, prayer, serving, eating together, sharing
resources, gladness and generosity, worship and now finally, making more
disciples. The passage from Acts 2 finishes with the words, ‘the Lord added
to their number daily those who were being saved’.

The message is that a Christian community which deeply lives out those Holy
Habits is a powerful and attractive witness to the reality of the saving love of


Each of us was introduced to the faith by someone to whom we should be
eternally grateful but ‘being saved’ is so much more than getting our cards
stamped for heaven (important though that is!).


Making disciples is ‘not first about getting people into heaven but
about getting heaven into people
’ (Steve Hollinghurst)


Along with getting heaven into people is the bigger picture aim of getting
heaven into the world. For the individual, it is about being forgiven and
made whole and beginning a life-long journey of transformation in a life of
holiness in the company of Jesus and our fellow Christians - all the Holy
Habits have been things we do together as community.


All of them require us to nurture good relationships with each other, with
God, with ourselves and with the creation God gave us to care for. That
harmony of relationship which allows each individual to flourish is what God
models for us as Trinity and is the shape of things as they are in heaven.


There is no such thing as a solitary Christian

God longs to be extend his family and that is the mission of the church. Jesus
left his disciples with these instructions; ‘Go therefore and make disciples of
all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of
the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have
commanded you’.


  • Remember and give thanks for people who were influential in bringing you to faith

  • Pray for and get involved in our ‘Coming Home’ mission with Roger Simpson in June 2020

  • Take a ‘Coming Home’ prayer card and use it to remind you to pray daily this month for one or two who you would like to see in relationship with God through Jesus and in the Spirit.

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