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Eco Church

Looking after the world, in all the different forms that takes, is a core part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. The gospel is good news for all the earth!

For the near future:

  • Surveys of plant, insect and animal life in our churchyard 

  • Build on our commitment to Fair Trade and to using less damaging cleaning materials around the church

  • Make our events more environmentally friendly (starting with our design of craft for our children’s services)

One of our Associate Priests, Jenny, and a local botanist, Janet John, together documented the flora and fauna of our churchyard, and created a deck of cards, with a picture on one side,  and some bullet points of information on the back.

This deck has been provided to our Village School, who bring pupils to visit, and, in using this deck, support learning in the Science curriculum. 

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ECO Common Mouse ear - Cerastium fontanu
ECO Ox eye daisy - Leucanthemun vulgare.

We have a bug hotel!  It's RIGHT THERE!

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