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Eco Church Energy Saving


Potential cost saving per person per year (figures from the Energy Savings Trust)


Simple actions

Switch off appliances at the plug rather than leaving on standby


Use bowl for washing up rather than running tap


This will also save water.

Only run washing machines when full

£9 dishwasher

£5 clothes washer

This will also save water.

Do one fewer clothes wash per week


This will also save water.


Only fill a kettle with what is needed


A kettle is one of the most energy intensive appliances.


Fit a water efficient shower head


Can also save up to £55 per year off water bills.


Spend a minute less in the shower


Can also save up to £11 per year off water bills.

Use cold water rather than hot water where possible

Turn thermostat down by 1°C


Use a hot water bottle or an extra blanket and turn the heating off at night

Turn off unnecessary lights


Lighting can account for 15% of household electricity.

Place your desk or table by a window so that you do not need a light on

Dry clothes outside when it is fine rather than using a tumble dryer


Keep doors of unused, unheated room closed

Change to a green electricity supplier


Consider Ecotricity who will make a donation to A Rocha for every household that switches and also give a small discount on their gas supply.

Do not replace appliances until they really need replacing and then recycle if possible.

The production processes require a massive amount of energy and resources.
Waste put into landfill produces methane gas which contributes to climate change; incineration is very energy intensive.

Actions requiring some investment

Draught proof doors and windows



Install chimney draught excluder



Insulate loft, roof and walls

There may be government grants available.


Install double glazing

There may be government grants available.


Use smart heating controls



Replace all bulbs with LED



Install an energy monitoring device to see how much energy you are using, and saving

Have thermostatic valves fitted to existing radiators

Use a chemical inhibitor to help maintain the efficiency of your radiators

This prevents corrosion and deposits in radiators.

Actions requiring major investment

When replacing old appliance make sure new ones are A* rated

Energy Saving Trust Register

Top Ten in the UK

Install solar panels

The Energy Saving Trust has useful information

When replacing an oil or gas boiler consider installing a low carbon heating system such as a heat pump, ground source heating or a biomass boiler

Heat pumps are currently more expensive that a gas or oil-fired boiler, but because of their high efficiency should reduce energy bills.
It is planned that oil and gas boilers will be phased out by 2028 and 2033 respectively, and that all new gas boilers will be able to be converted to hydrogen by 2025.

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Nowadays it is more expensive for providers to buy energy, which has led to it costing more for us to power our homes and businesses. GoCompare have developed an interactive energy cost calculator tool to find out how much something costs to run. Use the calculator below to pick the appliances you want to compare and select how long they’ll be in use for.

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