Charities we support

From our financial giving this year:

The Fawsett Trust
 Is an ancient parish charity for the relief of the poor; in past centuries provided by the generosity of some members of the community. The Trust has investment income which is used to give some extra financial support to members of the parish.
A relief agency with its work around the world helping exposed and often oppressed communities, for instance some refugees in Lebanon receive support and help from ROPE and its partners in the Middle East
A charity set up to support farmers and businesses in the developing world and to promote their produce for sale here in the UK.
A Rocha UK
 A Rocha UK helps churches and communities deliver excellent local conservation projects.
Street Kids Direct
Street Kids Direct works with children in Guatemala, Honduras and 'at risk' children in the U.K, who have been forced through poverty, physical and/or sexual abuse to live on the violent streets, where the average time of survival is 4 years.  100 percent of all donations go directly to the charity because there are no offices, salaried staff or overheads, just inspirational volunteers providing support, education, food and preparation for work to these children. 
Other Charities
In addition, the church actively supports a number of other charities at certain times of the year. The highly successful Lent Lunches give money to local charities and also to overseas Christian work; the Mission to Seafarers, Christian Aid and Children's Society are also beneficiaries.
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